Thursday, April 2, 2015

Aldnoah.Zero fanfic: Air

So, long time no see! It's been a while! I haven't written anything in ages but now after the damn ending to Aldnoah.Zero I felt the urge to write something!

This is not fluff och smex or anything, but it COULD turn up like that. It depends what I feel like doing with it and if anyone wants me to keep writing this. I felt rusty as hell so I ask for you to oversee whatever mistakes I have made. English is my third language and I haven't taken good care of it lately, so sorry about that!

Warning! Anime spoilers!

This is a fanfic about Slaine and Inaho after Slaine had spent about two years at prison. One night he is woken up by Inaho who asks him to get changed into civilian clothes. Slaine gets excited, then suspicious, then scared and finally gets his mind blown (not literally with a bullet to the head, I promise!). Inaho has something planned and takes Slaine out on a secret little outing.

The birds were chirping outside just like they have done every other evening the past one and a half years. Slaine laid face down on the bed hugging his pillow, tired and worn from the restless day which he had spent on pondering on the life he did not have. A dead man walking, that is what he was and felt like. His life in the prison made exclusively for him had nothing to offer other than Orange – or should he call him by his name Kaizuka Inaho now? – visiting him and the bullying from the guards. The bullying had calmed down considerably now after time had done what time does best; left most of the interest in bullying the hated young man behind. Slaine figured the guards did not find it interesting enough anymore to constantly breathe down his neck and comment on whatever he did and shove him around. It was too old and same now. Of course, that had not been an everyday occurrence and most of his days he had been left alone in his cell.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Christmas & Merry New Year!

Just jumped quick in to wish you all Merry (and pervy) Christmas and Happy New Year! I know I've been gone for a long time, and I'm sorry. *bow* I've been in a total slump due to family matters and been too tired and exhausted to be able to write anything. It'll hopefully get better from now.  (^_^)  Thank you for all the nice comments in the stories on the blog! Makes me really happy! ♥ Make sure to eat a lot of tasty Christmas foods and hopefully you all get a lot presents! And for you loners out there who has no one to celebrate Christmas with, I wish you especially a merry Christmas! ♥

All I Want For Christmas Is Yaoi

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Update: Put on hold

Hello guys!

I have some bad news. My laptop is completely useless because of a power problem with it and that means I can't use it at all. That also means I can't write stories or work on any projects at all until it's fixed.  (T_T)

I just wanted to give you this heads up so you won't start wondering where I disappeared to or why this blog isn't updated with stories. I'm really sorry for this! I don't know when I can fix it, but I'll talk to the computer workshop during the following days and see what it takes to solve this issue.

Until then I suggest you click your way to the Story Archive and read some already existing stories if you want something to read. There's something to read for everybody.

Again I'm really sorry for this! I hope I can fix the laptop as soon as possible.  (T_T)

Lots of love


Picture by me w/ Xanner and Daemon Prince Lullaby playing the pocky game.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Update: Long time no see


It was a while ago since I updated about the updates! xD I've been really busy with other things that has wanted my attention. I haven't really written anything to upload here but I'll start with the "last" Gakupo x Yūma fan fiction today. I'll actually print them into a book. The book will contain all ten chapters and the book will come out in a super special limited edition. Or that's the thought at least. xD I've been working my ass off with designing the book, but the stupid program won't work like it's supposed to so it takes much more time than I first thought. But don't worry, I don't think the 10th chapter will be last chapter EVER with these two lovebirds. It's just the last chapter to be featured in the book.

I'll see if I can have a little worldwide give-away where one of you readers will get a free hard copy of the book if you want to.  (^_^)

I've gotten some requests about a Len x Kaito fan fiction too, but I have no idea about their personalities, so if there is a kind reader out there who would want to help then I would be really happy if I could get a little explanation of Len's and Kaito's personalities, or just links to a site where I can research about their personalities. Because their personalities are fan made and they are such popular Vocaloids I have a hard time researching about them because I don't know where to start.  (T_T)  Yūma's and Gakupo's personalities came naturally to me because I'm a fan of these Vocaloids.

So, today I'll start writing on the 10th chapter to the Gakupo x Yūma story, but I can't promise that it'll get finished quickly. I'm having a little slump in writing, but I hope the energy to write will come back soon. 

Spinning Song
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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Lullaby Fanfiction 02 - First Verse of The Lullaby (+18)

So now I'm done with the second chapter to my Lullaby series. Finally! For you who don't know he is my super gay and evil tabletop role-playing character from Black Crusade (Warhammer 40k) and I have played him for about a year now. The world is set in the 41st millennium.

This is the first adventure I played with him ever, and he tells it from his own point of view. He's pretty full of himself and I hope that shows in his choice of words.

Story: Lullaby feels bored on the planet where he was left and jumps from a guy's bed into the next to have somewhere to sleep during the nights. Then one day a lunatic suddenly runs in to the bar where Lullaby sits and listens to rumors and shouts out coordinates to a treasure. The bar is quickly emptied with all the pirates and Lullaby is left alone with three other people, whom he allies himself with to go on a treasure hunt. But nothing goes like he expects...

This is a direct continuation from the previous chapter "The Origin of A Lullaby", but it is okay to continue from here too. The previous chapter is about his childhood and how he became the person he is.

Picture by me.

So my eighteenth birthday went by on the planet where I had been brought to by a heretic after my little fire show on a war world. A few days after my birthday I found myself sleeping soundly in a comfortable bed. The mornings were always nice at the mansion where I had found shelter on the planet filled with heretics. It wasn’t exactly like I had a home of my own on that planet. I was rather jumping from one guy’s bed into the next and slept over at many places. When I had been taken there by the leader from the war where I had turned against my own he had hooked me up with a guy who showed me around, but then I was left on my own. I didn’t have money and I didn’t want to sell my weapons, so I ended up seducing men to have somewhere to sleep and hoped that they would treat me for a dinner. It was a shock to go from luxury at the old man’s place to being poor, but that was my reality.

The mansion was my absolute favorite place and I always slept there if I got the chance. The man – who’s name I won’t tell – was a torpedo for hire and he was filthy rich and very handsome. He lived in a luxurious mansion heavily guarded to prevent the thieves and burglars getting in, and he was pretty paranoid at times. But I had gotten myself under his skin and he welcomed me with open arms. Of course he wanted sex, and so I gave him that in exchange for a place to sleep and to get some fine meals in my stomach.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Heart Speed (18+)

Here's a new original work from me. I haven't done a short one for a long time and I found this unfinished story hidden in my phone drafts from a year ago. I decided to finish it and I think it turned out really good and HAWT!

Story: The young Hal Sommers is a world renowned engineer and car mechanic. He loves his line of work and works for a racer - Sam Bedingfield - as his personal engineer and mechanic. His engineering skills and quick problem solving abilities are known around the workshops and many wants him into their team. But Hal refuses to leave his employer's side even if he has to endure Sam's loving harassments.

One day Hal gets a visit from Sam's biggest rival who asks him to come and work for him with a promise to fulfill Hal's childhood dream, and when Sam finds out about this visit he distances himself from Hal even though the world championship is just around the corner. Hal realizes he misses Sam's childish harassments and that there's something more going on than just an employer/employee relationship. Who wins what and at what cost?

Special thanks to an anonymous Swedish racer who helped me with all the details!

Inspiration: Redline (anime) and my time as a motorman.

Music used as mood-setter:

He stood there and pulled on the screw with the wrench. It was stuck hard and Hal had to use a hammer to make it loose enough to open. The engine was hot and it smelled of oil and burned gas. The engine had been over-heated during the test drive Sam had made and Hal had to figure out why. He was thinking about the thermostat being broken and was screwing it lose to check its condition. Nothing seemed to be wrong with it and he put it back again to its place. Then he took out an oily rag from his working overall and put up his shoulder-length blond hair with it. Then he sighed and stared at the engine with his hands resting on his hips while he thought hard.
He checked the tank for the radiator and saw that there was too little water inside. So the cooling system was leaking, but where? He had changed gaskets last week and that was the reason why he hadn’t checked the cooling system first.
He pulled out a flashlight and examined the engine quickly but decided to start the engine to get the pressure up so the leaking would be revealed as the cooling water would gush out from the leaking spot. As he stared at the growling engine with his green eyes he suddenly saw that there was water dripping out from underneath the engine. He sighed heavily again and pulled out the flashlight again. He knelt next to the red race car and tried to look under the engine but he couldn't see the actual leak but only the dripping water.
He decided to stop the engine and give up for the day. It was right past midnight and he was tired after the day's hard work.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Incubus Chapters: Chapter 02 - The Angel (18+)


Here's finally the second chapter to my original novel "The Incubus Chapters"! It was a little struggle to write this chapter but I think it turned out okay anyway in the end.

I'm sorry that it was delayed for a whole week but I have been working on the design to my new blog and my drawing skills aren't that good, so it took more time than I thought. But the blog is finished now and you can find it here if you're interested. It's in English and it's about my everyday life as a nerd and about all of my projects.  (^_^)

This chapter is about Nero's and Beelzebub's relationship. I wanted to get this part over with so I decided to write it in this second chapter.

In this chapter the long awaited angel is found and brought to Hell and Nero gets extremely happy and curious - especially when he gets to know that the angel looks almost exactly like him. But the daemon prince Beelzebub gets bored when his job is done with securing the royal palace a bit extra because of the valuable angel, and he searches for Nero to pass some time with the incubus.

Please read the previous chapter before you read this one! You can find it in the Story Archive.


A few days later Nero woke up to a noise from the corridor outside his room. It sounded like several people walking in a haste pace and he lifted his tired body up from the warm bed. The warm body of a male servant had been very comfortable to sleep next to, and now his body was protesting and screamed to him to go to sleep again. But the commotion from outside made him wonder what was going on and he ruffled through his messy bed hair before he took his white robe on and opened the door. There he saw servants and guards running around like crazy and they all had either a smile on their lips or looked very stressed out.

“Hey, what’s going on?” Nero asked and rubbed his tired eyes.

A female guard stopped and gave him a smile.

“The angel has been found. We’re preparing for the angel’s arrival,” she said and then hurried down the corridor.

The angel has been found?, Nero asked and hurried out through the door without even dressing himself, wearing only the white robe. He had to find Lucifer and he held his robe together as he ran down the corridors to the golden big hall and opened the heavy doors. Then he ran inside and found Lucifer sitting on his throne talking to the reflection of Beelzebub inside a big mirror standing in front of him.

“The angel…?!” Nero yelled breathlessly as he hurried to the throne. “The angel has been found?”

Lucifer shifted his gaze from the mirror to Nero.

“Yes. Beelzebub found the angel at a human’s place just now.” Lucifer’s voice was filled with an emotion Nero didn’t recognize. It was almost like he was in a state of shock.